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Set Pixels to “Cowardly Monkey”

24 Feb

I’ve been in a comic drought for longer than I’d like to admit. It’s my own fault, not having made much time for them or seeking them out for many years. This all turned around when Trace Beaulieu said that his friend, Randy Stradley, had invited us to dinner.

That night I listened to the two of them discuss comics with a passion I’d been missing out on since my high school years. My life had become very centered on music and comedy, and, as a result, too many comics had slipped me by. One particular title Randy mentioned stuck with me. From his description it sounded like something I would adore. I had no idea how true that was.


My massive and gorgeous first volume of the Fear Agent Library arrived a few days later. From the first page, I was in love with Heath. Many hours were spent in bed staring wide-eyed at the gorgeous art, transfixed by the story. I spooned this book to sleep. Seriously.

See? Spooning in action.


After a lovely gift of four signed Tony Moore FA prints from my sister and having his art in front of me on a daily basis, I became inspired to make my own tribute to the story and the art that had so transfixed me. So here it is…

photo 3

20,000 hand-placed pixels over the course of 40 hours resulting in this 25″x8″ mosaic. The piece is based off of Tony Moore’s art which always makes my sci-fi loving heart skip a beat. This was a labor of love and I was delighted to see each section come together.

All thanks go to Randy for introducing me to Fear Agent, Rick Remender for writing a story that seemed tailored just for me, and Tony Moore and Jerome Opeña for their gorgeous artwork. A very special thank you to Tony for his cover art which lent itself so perfectly to this medium and also for his kind comments and words of encouragement along the way via Instagram.